Monday, June 7, 2010


Born in Inglewood 23-09-1954 about one o'clock in the morning.
"An easy birth", said my mother , "You just sort of fell out ",
I start life with two older sisters and a brother older by two years and seven days,
I'm eighteen months old when younger brother arrives and there are five siblings in the nest.

Born to the Anglican Church, baptised and confirmed their way,
Father and Grandfather both vicars in a long line of clergy offspring,
Descendant of monarchs who reigned until six centuries ago,
Heir to unfolding mystery, menace, and malevolence.

Born with enigmatic evidence to examine,
Presented with dogmatic doctrines to digest,
Served with cryptic codes to crack,
Experiencing shameful sabotage and many a cunning attack.

Born to be fourth among six with a third sister added in Pio Pio,
All attending church as children but some being drawn away,
Intense opposition and trouble at times as the plot continues to thicken,
The Beast is ridden by Mystery Babylon the Mother of Harlots who corrupts.

Born again in Christ who has washed away my sin,
Ministering with enduring faith like an evergreen tree beside water,
Labouring in the Word of God and seeking first His Kingdom,
Resting in the Work of the Cross and the hope of my salvation.

Shameful sabotage intended to destroy,
Shameful sabotage when I was just a boy,
Shameful sabotage leaves none whom I can trust,
Shameful sabotage has failed and turned to dust.