Thursday, September 16, 2010


She wants me dead,
Off with my head.

She opposes my leadership.
Hoping my feet will slip.

She lies, connives and gossips about me,
Maligns and despises God's man I am called to be.

She worships dumb idols and follows false gods,
Seduces her prey and sets them at odds.

She is dangerously evil but is soundly defeated,
God's Word reveals that Christ's work is completed.

In victory over Jezebel the Church rises up,
The battle is the Lord's and He pours out His cup.

Scripture References:

1Ki.16:31;18:4; 2Ki.9:36,37; Ps.11:6, 75:8, Rev.2:20,21,22,23,24; Rev.14:9,10.

Author's Note:
It seems to me that while cups are
 containers from which to consume whatever they are filled with,
 "cups are a statement about allotted portions given for related reasons to those specially chosen to partake of them."