Friday, January 8, 2010


I went to a University and there studied Nothing.
And slept on a mattress with very good stuffing.
With stress levels climbing everywhere by degrees,
My goal was to write a philosophical treatise.

While I studied Nothing in Utopian bliss,
My efforts revealed something awfully amiss.
It's impossible, Methinks, for Nothing to exist,
Because then it would be something not there to be missed.

Confirmed was my find in this verse sent from heaven,
"With God nothing shall be impossible", Luke 1:37.
My thesis on Nothing I then boldly presented,
My Doctorate of Philosophy would, I hoped, be consented.

Theologians and scholars, esteemed lawyers and doctors,
Distinguished professors, and even some proctors,
Appraised my great dialectic with much huffing and puffing,
And awarded me a straight P.H.D. in Nothing.


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