Thursday, October 8, 2009


A woman walked into our church one night

And told us her name was Lorna;

She stayed for a year

And we gave her our care,

As still she fought her own corner.


The needy and homeless were her great concern,

And those who came out of prison;

But money was short

And her mission was fraught,

With chaos strife and confusion.


The wonderful blessings of our Lord Jesus

Were always Lorna's sweet message;

She knew that His love

Could lift people above,

Their shadowy past and its wreckage.


A faithful good many people worked hard,

To give this dear widow support;

But the truth must be told

She was getting too old,

To endure fatigue of this sort.


Lorna was lumbered with shifting great loads,

This year her moves numbered seven;

Now things will improve

With this last final move;



In memory of Lorna Anne Taylor, 18th November 1928 - 12th May 2004.


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