Tuesday, October 6, 2009


If we are forced by God to rigidly function without any decision-making role on our part we may as well sing this song:

We are robots, zombie robots,
We have no choice or will of our own.
Our brains are programmed to call the shots,
Each of us a cyborg robot clone.

We all must be puppets pulled into each position,
By commands and directions of many different kinds.
We never do anything of our own volition,
We are push-button androids with closed circuit minds.

Upload and download day after day,
Reboot and recycle, compelled to obey.
We are just machines if our wills are automatic,
Any love we have for God is literally synthetic.

Don't speak to us of choice, or freedom to believe,
With everything decided we are helpless to perceive.
If we really are just robots or puppets on a string,
This may be a song we're all predestined to sing!


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