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When treasured words flow
In rivers of meaning
Through the Edens of our empathy,
Oceans of association
Embrace the scattered continents of their comforting messages.

When filtered phrases formulate
In schools of thought
Where letters align with sequences of numbers,
Plains of simplicity
Protect the natural dwellings of their temporal impressions.

When complicated ideas rotate
In worlds of mine
While making sense in spite of friction,
Cliffs of understanding
Define the textured coastlines of their moral gravity.

When productive technologies are shown
In windows of opportunity
Which open with scriptural authority,
Panoramas of insight
Expand the fickle beaches of their imaginative design.

When valuable experiences balance
In moments of poise
Forming exponential sums that square themselves in symmetry,
Mountains of faith
Inspire the identified summits of their patient fulcrums.

When weary souls grieve
In exile from innocence
With harmful armies in control,
Gardens of fatigue
Dull the broken landscapes of their aching hearts.

When musing poets enthuse
In forests of personification
Giving life and breath to language,
Gems of discovery
Enrich the ambient poverty of their radical intrigues.



Verse one ..."When" is the key signature of each verse and its repeated use increases anticipation... "treasured words" imagery deeply significant [Latin thsaurus = treasury;  from Greek thsauros] ...speaks of value and worth (John 15:7,8), necessary as spiritual sustenance (Deuteronomy 8:3), given priority (Job 23:12) ..."flow in rivers" imagery introduces geographical theme (Psalm 147:18) ..."rivers of meaning" metaphor requires thought and speaks of creative energy (John 7:37-39)...with this symbolism of rivers comes the concept of things with special meanings being treasured ..."through the Edens" metonymy associates with creation and fall theme in a place where a river divides into four heads (Genesis 2:10) ..."Edens of our empathy" metaphor speaks of feelings and motives..."Oceans of association" metaphor makes use of assonance, consonance, alliteration and onomatopoeia ..."Embrace the scattered continents of their comforting messages"  connects the places people have dispersed to with the words that comfort them, the contents of the messages giving cause for celebration (Jeremiah 31: 9,10,11,12,13) while building geographical imagery and further metaphorical emphasis to support an awareness of messages and meanings when words are introduced into our environments. The modern day thought that the "comforting messages" of  "treasured words" are "scattered continents" held in an "embrace"  by connections that span the world is a hint of internet reality, and this foreshadows a forthcoming theme to that effect in verse four.

Verse two ..."filtered phrases"  imagery of water treatment used to identify word groups...strong "f" sound with progression from "treasured words flow" to "filtered phrases formulate"...grouping of words in "schools of thought" (Daniel 1:17,18,19,20) the "when" and "where" formula introduced in the first verse is repeated here  ..."letters"  important in "schools" and written in lines ... "l" sound coming through. to ..."align with sequences of numbers"  suggesting codes at work...complexity and concealment...but then a sudden shift to the exact opposite ..."plains of simplicity" where a philosophical landscape of openness and unsophisticated easiness is imagined as a means of protection...of innocent..."protect the natural dwellings of their temporal impressions"  ..."natural" as an extension of "simpli-"..."dwellings" as an extension of "-city"..."temporal", here and now revelling in the same ambiguity of codes, as such, until they are deciphered ...can mean "of time, transient, of this life only", and also "of, or situated in the temples or sides of the forehead" ...not forgetting the possible allusion to places of worship ..."impressions" are slightly harder to interpret than messages ...the first verse had "oceans" embracing "continents" ...this verse has "plains" protecting "dwellings" ...and things in this life certainly have the ability to leave their impression on us.

Verse three...the third planet "rotates" as do things atomic ... the world is a "complicated" place ...references to people living in their own world extended to include multiple "worlds" each hosting different ideas...rotation is sometimes associated with "friction" ...different ideas rub against each other, not only when they belong to different people, but also within one person ..."making sense" while rotating, meditating, turning things over, "every problem has its own orbit"...hydropower is the generation of electricity that occurs when the force of water causes turbines to rotate resulting in magnetic field friction ..."cliffs of understanding"  in the sense that you can stand with cliffs under you, and be on top of complicated ideas... hydro-dams are like cliffs and it makes sense to use the force of falling water to drive turbines when you understand that this generates electricity... still a complicated mystery of science ..."define the textured coastlines" ...understanding builds up, backs up, is stored up...the "complicated ideas" will eventually "make sense" within the boundaries that contain them...the boundaries are "textured" because not only are they built up in layers, they are also exposed to the forces of erosion and corrupting pressures of entropy...allusion to the effects of ocean waves ..."of their moral gravity" suggests right character and conduct...and also conducting electricity by harnessing the free-fall of water ... heaviness, of a serious nature, significant, weighty and important.

Verse four ...productive technologies such as technologies that produce computers and the things that are revealed through their use ...shown when drawn to our attention of opportunity as openings and invitations to view selections with scriptural authority creativity utilising programs which respond to authorisation commands, codes, and formulas...similarity to biblical six day account of Creation "Let there be...and there was."...panoramas ...geographical imagery continues... wide unbroken views in all directions...comprehensive surveys of subjects...pictorial scenes gradually unrolled before spectators so as to appear continuous [Greek pan- all + horama view, orama = vision]...insight being a penetrating understanding particularly of a complex situation or problem...perceiving clearly or deeply the inner nature of things...expand the fickle beaches of their imaginative design as the drive to develop new and more fashionable products of the imagination results in planned obsolescence and paradigm shifts that change the technological landscape.

Verse five ...valuable experiences covers a wide range of possibilities ...valuable to learn from ...balance somewhere...balancing acts...equality of totals in debit and credit...satisfying arrangements of proportion in a design ...moments of poise when a dignified, composed manner of equilibrium allows for a stable situation in which forces cancel one another ...exponential sums that square themselves in symmetry are those which build on their previous experience...2 x 2 = 4, 4 x 4 = 8, 8 x 8 = 64, balance, poise, symmetry...with an exponent being a mathematical notation indicating the number of times a quantity is multiplied by each of the valuable experiences are mathematically expressed with an exponent of 2 experienced over and over, so that rapid proportional growth becomes possible ...mountains of faith rise up supportively...word play of "inspire" as in "spire" as in a verb, to cause or stimulate creative activity ...identified meaning recognised as connected or associated closely with the experiences ...summits being the highest levels...political and religious leaders...word flow progressing from sums to summits...patient while exhibiting calm endurance of pain, difficulty, provocation, or annoyance...also while receiving care and treatment ...fulcrums are the agents through which vital powers are exercised...props or supports for arms and levers...constructions used as points of balance...equilibrium expected.

Verse six ...weary souls ...when and where ...grieve over loss contrast to positivity expressed in previous verse ...exile usually from a home or native country...enforced or self-imposed ...innocence in every sense...inoffensiveness, freedom from sin, moral wrong, or guilt through lack of knowledge of evil ...harmful armies threatening to well-being, malevolent...usually trained and organised ...control by force and numbers in authority over those subdued, oppressing, restricting, limiting, abusing, destroying ...gardens of fatigue where everything grows tired ...dull the broken landscapes meaning to dispirit and desensitise the damaged view of everything ...aching hearts full of yearning and sorrow.

Verse seven ...musing as a source of inspiration suitable for poets who think poetically as a matter of course ...enthuse being positively inspired...notice a micro-sequence using the m of musing and n of enthuse ...forests of personification being good places to find divine inspiration
(Isaiah 61:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11)
having the power to stand tall and keep growing in spite of tribulation, grief, and opposition,  trees of righteousness are well anchored in purity, abundant in grace, and strong in good works life and breath to language such is the power of personification ...Gems of discovery are valuable findings worn as personal ornaments...bringing the treasured words of verse one to mind...also an acronym ...enrich the ambient poverty...enrich with meaningful, rewarding, truly desirable truth...ambient because close, enveloping, surrounding, encompassing in nature...poverty because of inferiority, deficiency, scarcity, and inadequacy ...radical intrigues being the root from which all else is formed,  also extremes in advocating change within life and therefore the plots of plays, dramatic poems, or other literary pieces:- characterised by the development of complex or involved situations.


A. Anticipation of Occurrences:
1.words flow
2.phrases formulate
3.ideas rotate
4.technologies are shown
5.experiences balance
6.souls grieve
7.poets muse
B. Related Attributes:
C. Figurative Locations:
1.rivers of meaning
2.schools of thought
3.worlds of mine of opportunity
5.moments of poise
6.exile from innocence
7.forests of personification
D. Interactive Influences:
E. Metaphorical Geography:
1.oceans of association
2.plains of simplicity
3.cliffs of understanding
4.panoramas of insight
5.mountains of faith
6.gardens of fatigue
7.gems of discovery
F. Operational Strategies:
G. Geographical Features:
1.scattered continents
2.natural dwellings
3.textured coastlines
4.fickle beaches
5.identified summits
6.broken landscapes
7.ambient poverty
H. Integral Components Modified:
1.comforting messages
2.temporal impressions
3.moral gravity
4.imaginative designs
5.patient fulcrums
6.aching hearts
7.radical intrigues

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