Sunday, October 4, 2009


Rest here beside the waters of quietness and relax in safety,
Lie down here in green pastures where the soil is good,
Contemplate the stillness and peace.

Think about the Shepherd who led you here,
Meditate upon the wisdom of His ways and the gentleness of His voice,
Listen wisely to His Spirit as He infiltrates your heart.

When you have wandered and strayed He has searched for you,
Finding you wretched and desperate He has washed you and cleansed your wounds,
Knowing you were helpless and weak He has carried you.

Now, beside the waters of quietness, there is healing -
Here, where memories of attacking wolves can be enfolded in forgiveness,
Delusions and deceptions are dissolved in answer to prayer.

No longer disaffected by ceaseless unreasonable suffering,
Distraught no more because day after day is ruined,
Erased are infancy's imprinted errors, and evaporated are follies of youth and concerns of age.

Undisturbed waters irrigate your resting soul and make you smile,
Gracious thoughts no longer race ahead of their Shepherd
And His strength settles you in silence among the gathered flock.

Tenderness will not weaken you, nor will it cause pain to others -
The confessing of faults and repenting of sins will not wrong us,
And safely here we are restored beside waters of quietness.


Scriptural Inspiration: Ps.23:1,2,3

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  1. I can relate this poem, because everytime when im alone i will go the place were can i meditate and relaxing., and talk to God.